“Beginning” is an award winning concept collection by Ivana Damjanovic. Collection was presented at “International Talent Support” in Italy, Trieste, where it collected two awards. “Eyes On Talents” and “YKK” award presented by biggest manufacturer of zippers in the world. Bags for this collection are developed from high-tech materials such as glass-fiber and carbon-fiber that are generally used in drone and high-end cars manufacturing industry. Collection is inspired by Supernova – a star explosion and it is designed to raise a question: How would a bag look like if it were invented just now, using materials and technology available today. Complete collection is produced in aero-nautical workshop with help of aero-nautical engineers.



- Death of a star -

This collection is inspired by the event in universe that’s got me thinking more than anything before. Supernova.

Supernova… Death of a star. The most spectacular sight in the known universe. Ending its evolution, the star shines brighter than ever. She gives her maximum trying to illuminate universe one last time, and then collapses in a pile of heaving gases, star-dust, and shuttering fragments. Giving the world a magnificent sight as she vanishes…

Now, one of the most important rules that physicist hold as foundation of science is that energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only take different forms.

It only makes sense than, that expanding shock wave of Supernova’s spectacular explosion is often a trigger to a new star formation.

A new life in its purest form.



- Death of a bag -


I’ve always wondered about life and death. But if the energy never dies, the thing that burdens us every day, the fear of dying, becomes obsolete. If the death is merely another beginning, what is really left to be frighten about?

This collection is meant to be exactly about that. Creating the objects that have new spark of life in them. Energy scattered in an aftermath of a dying bag, captured in a new item that represents life. A constant reminder that helps to overcome every day obstacles, whit a newfound strength.

So, why then, the death of the bag?

Because I wanted to create an item that is not confined by the definition of what the bag is. This item should represent the aftermath of what where to happen if the bag as we know it is to die. Leaving this world in a spectacular bang.


You can wach video about collection here